Early Childcare Specialist

Toddler Playing

Healthy Development support with Laura

As a Childcare Specialist my number one priority is to help every child around me to reach their full potential by promoting a healthy development and supporting families and caregivers to shape early development. 

I am committed to help caregivers to provide an engaging and fun learning environment for the young learner with diverse educational and recreational activities. I focus on learning about each child’s unique personality and needs while promoting healthy skills development.

Contact me if you want help in any topic related with your child care and development:

-Developmentally appropriate schedules

-Play time

-Potty training

-Introduction of solid foods

-Reading with babies

-Positive parenting





Educational Philosophy

We believe that children need to explore the world and that education should be a participatory and collaborative act in which they can express their ideas. We, as adults, caregivers and educators should be facilitators rather than controllers. I strive to create this type of environment where children can reach their maximum potential by offering them several options so that curiosity drives their learning.